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Test your neurological sight loss knowledge

By doing so, you gain CPD points.


Please answer the questions below

1) What is the leading cause of disability in the UK?(Required)
2) What percentage of stroke survivors suffer from visual field loss?(Required)
3) What percentage of stroke survivors will experience a visual change?(Required)
4) Can visual field loss be restored post stroke/ brain injury?(Required)
5) What is a homonymous hemianopia?(Required)
6) How many weeks after a stroke is vision assessed?(Required)
7) What visual compensatory technique does Visibility Scotland teach?(Required)
8) What is the driving advice for someone with a persistent visual field loss post brain injury?(Required)
9) Can someone with a visual field loss be registered as sight impaired?(Required)
10) Can you identify visual perceptual deficits that may be experienced post brain injury?(Required)
11) What would you recommend to someone with low contrast sensitivity?(Required)
12) Identify the correct statements in relation to Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS)?(Required)
13) What is the age range of people Visibility Scotland supports?(Required)
14) Who can make a referral to Visibility Scotland?(Required)
15) Can you give me an example of a low vision aid which may support someone with a neuro visual impairment?(Required)

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