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Aids and Equipment

Various pieces of equipment are used by VI people and Visibility demonstrates these to groups and individuals in a variety of ways.

We have very well established patient support services in 9 hospitals throughout NHSGGC and NHS Lanarkshire.  At these locations the patient support workers have a small range of equipment which they are able to demonstrate to patients and provide them with the information on how to get hold of them.

Photo of our worker demonstrating eccentric reading to a service user

Our centre

Our main office has a very well appointed resource room which has a constantly updated range of equipment and devices. It starts from the very basic – but very useful, to high spec digital devices. Some of these practical devices can be demonstrated and tried out in our accessible kitchen at our Head Office in Glasgow.

Cutting edge technology

CCTVs and digital magnifiers, from 24” screens to 4” hand-held devices enable people to read the smaller print. The latest in OCR technology can enable people with little or no vision to read printed text.

A smiling lady using a magnifier

We can support you

Visibility Scotland also has long supported people in the use of current technology

We can help people keep in touch and get online using their own computers, phones or tablets. We also have a range of the most current devices with the best assistive technology available for demonstration and training.

For more information on aids and equipment, contact Jamie at

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