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What is our Neuro-Sight service?

Visibility Scotland’s Neuro-Sight is a unique service, supporting people who have sight loss as the result of damage to the visual pathway in the brain. 

The visual pathway can be affected by many causes including Stroke, head injury, brain tumour or degenerative disease such as MS or Parkinson’s. This type of sight difficulty is known as neurological Sight Loss.

Our Visual Rehabilitation Specialists can help you, your family, friends and professionals to:

  • Understand your vision and answer your questions
  • Provide specialist visual strategies and techniques that demonstrate and encourage you to use your remaining vision to compensate for your sudden visual change
  • Increase your confidence and independence with navigation and travel
  • Support with reading skills and the use the of existing or new technology
  • Advise on other services in your area
  • Return to work

Visiblity Scotland worker and young child looking at art materials
Smiling head shot of Laura Walker and Jamie Bruce from Visibility Scotland's specialist team
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