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A to Z of hints and tips: Part one

A to Z of hints and tips: Part one

In the first of a regular series, Colin, one of our sensory inspirers from Dumfries, shares his hints and tips for living with sight loss. Colin’s tips are based on his own experience of living with macular degeneration for 21 years. He hopes you’ll find his tips helpful.

Accessible technology

  • Electronic, video and handheld magnifiers can all help with reading.
  • The Be My Eyes app can connect you with sighted volunteers and specialised help organisations.


Aids in the home

  • Non-slip cup holders can help avoid spills.
  • A Liquid Level Indicator fits over the edge of a cup or mug and beeps when liquid touches it.
  • Use a One Cup Kettle to avoid having to pour boiling water.
  • Tactile bumpons can be placed on household appliances to mark regularly used settings.
  • Alexa can help too!

Ask for assistance

  • If you’re shopping and you cannot read prices or labels don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • A pocket magnifier with a light is useful too.


  • Grab rails and a non-slip bath mat can help prevent slips and falls.
  • Put a band around the shampoo or conditioner to help you tell the difference.

Black pen

  • Use thick black pens so your writing stands out.

Bus pass

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Written by: visscotland

Posted on the: May 31, 2022
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