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About us

Visibility Scotland provides support to people living with visual impairments across Scotland.

Working at a local and national level, we aim to affect positive change and improve outcomes for visually impaired people, of all ages.  We want to empower and encourage children and adults to focus on what they can do, not what they cannot.

Two young children wearing glasses and smiling

Early intervention

From early intervention through our work in hospital eye clinics, to the provision of mobility skills and other essential living skills, to support in the community to reduce social isolation and increase peer networks, promoting independence is our key aim.

2 offices in Scotland

We have offices in Glasgow and Dumfries and every year we reach and engage with nearly 4,500 service users, their families and carers. We also offer information and advice to other health and social care professionals from across the voluntary and statutory sectors.

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Four guitar players playing and singing at our group in Glasgow
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