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My view of nature

The last two years have seen many of us having to spend long periods of time indoors during various lockdowns. It’s widely acknowledged that time spent outdoors enjoying nature can benefit both your mental and physical well-being. But what if you’re losing your sight? Do you lose your ability to enjoy nature too?

One of our fab volunteers and keen nature lover, Thomas, shares his experience below. Read on to find out more about how he has found new ways to continue to enjoy the great outdoors:

As a kid I grew up next to a farm. It was fields and woods galore and that is where my love for nature started.

My pals and myself would spend hours each day exploring and looking for birds and wildlife till we knew all the best spots to find them. Best times ever!

It’s probably the reason I was a gardener and greenskeeper until, in my early 20s, the back of my eyes began to bleed meaning I could not see a thing. I was a tad angry, shall we say, as I thought about the can and can’ts of my future. I knew I would not be able to do gardening or go wandering around fields or woods amongst nature the way I used to do.

Winter happened and I admit I stewed and felt sorry for myself. Man, I hate the winter. Spring came round and each day the sun would get warmer coming through my window and the birds would sing their heads off trying to wind me up! I thought “no way I’m staying home while the sun is splitting the trees”. I put the sunnies on and went for it!

I had a small park a few streets away that I headed for, but went the wrong way and got lost! But I did not care as I was out in the sun for the first time in ages.

Next day, I got to the park after tripping about a dozen times and ruining my shoes! I sat on the bench listening to the birds and had the sun on me. It was amazing and lifts me every time. I now realise I don’t need to see nature to enjoy it and with spring around the corner, I can not wait for that sun on my face with the birds singing again.

Get out there and enjoy it!

Inspired by Thomas to get out and enjoy nature? Our Glasgow Community Team are working with the RSBP to run accessible bird watching sessions in early Spring (dates to be confirmed). To find out more, or to register your interest, give us a call on 0141 332 4632.

The picture accompanying this post is of Thomas’ favourite bird; a goldfinch. Thomas says “goldfinches have many colours and have an amazing wee song”. The image shows a goldfinch sitting on a fence; it has brown and black feathers with bright splashes of white, yellow and red. You can read more about goldfinches and listen to a clip of their song on the RSBP website:

RSPB: Goldfinch

Image of visscotland
Written by: visscotland

Posted on the: February 10, 2022
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