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Pets or not?

Today is National Pet Day! If you’re living with sight loss and have ever wondered if getting a pet would be right for you, read on to find out more about the experience of one of our brilliant volunteers, Thomas, and the joy that his pets bring.

If you have a sight problem do you think having a pet is a good idea? I do as I think they make great little companions who don’t answer back, ask for money, or hog the TV remote!

I have two cats who were strays that decided they wanted to be my rent-free lodgers. The first cat is a crazy 22 years old. Well, I’ve had him since 2001 and he was not a kitten but very young when I found him. He is still as bright as a button and eats as much as a weight lifter does.

The second is around a year old and I’ve had him for around six months and this one is my second shadow. Constantly on my lap or shoulders and likes to chew at my ears. The thing with him is I’m always tripping over as he likes to hang around my feet when I walk around at home and I’ve nearly fell on my face a few times with him. This is why I ask is it a good idea to have a pet when you have sight problems?

Two cats on a sofa.








Caption: Two cats on a sofa; a tabby cat and a black cat. The black cat is lying on it’s side looking up at the tabby cat who is standing.

I know we all have different levels of sight problems and some may even have a guide dog. I don’t think my cats could help me get down the street but I grew up with dogs in the house so I like both cats and dogs. I just think that cats are easier to look after. I know someone with two dogs and a cat. The cat bullies the two dogs and cleans them. It’s so funny some of the antics they get up to!

A cat and dog on a sofa.








Caption: A black and white cat and a black dog lying on a sofa. The dog is resting his head on the cat.

Whether it be a cat, a dog, or any other pet, if you are willing and able a pet is a great companion. Please remember pets are for life and deserve a safe happy home like us humans.

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Written by: visscotland

Posted on the: April 11, 2022
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