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TRNSMT: What is it like when you have sight loss?

In the next of our series of blog posts written by our 18 to 25 year old group, Erin shares her experience of attending TRNSMT. Read on to find out more about her experience at this year’s festival and her top tips if you’re thinking of attending TRNSMT in the future.

TRNSMT: What’s it really like when you’re partially sighted?

I was lucky enough to attended the 2022 TRNSMT festival and saw incredible acts. On Friday I saw Nile Rodgers and Chic, Sam Fender and Paolo Nutini. These all took place on the main stage and I was lucky enough to be at the barrier. The stewards where very friendly and kept us hydrated with water and entertained with conversation in-between acts, but I would not recommend this placement for anyone who values personal space. You can’t move without bumping into someone; but that’s to be expected!

Erin in her festival clothes and a bucket hat that says “I'm not shy I just don’t like you”








Caption: Me in my festival clothes and a bucket hat that says ‘I’m not shy I just don’t like you’.

On Saturday I was just there for the evening as I only wanted to see one act, which was Jimmy Eat World. They were playing on a smaller stage called King Tut’s. A steward saw me with my cane and escorted me to the front middle of the barricade. This was a more welcoming experience. It was more controlled and they made sure I had plenty of space and that I had the best chance of seeing the band with my sight loss. They asked how much I could see and where would be best for me to insure I had a positive experience; and that I did! The set list of Jimmy Eat World was incredible! They sang classics such as ‘Hear You Me’, ‘Sweetness’ and ‘The Middle’. After Jimmy Eat World was finished, I was informed there was actually a disability viewing platform that I hadn’t known about as a family member purchased my ticket.

Jimmy Eat World on the King Tut's stage at TRNSMT 2022





Caption: Jimmy Eat World on the King Tut’s stage

On Sunday I was told that even though I hadn’t pre-booked the disability viewing platform they were going to let me in to see Lewis Capaldi from the platform in the evening. I spent the very hot day lying next to the main stage listening to Dylan John Thomas who did a charming cover of ‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash, and the DJ delight Sigala before going back to King Tut’s to listen to Jimmy Webster and his hit song ‘Weekend in Paradise’. With the heat, staff were always making sure people were drinking water and offering sunscreen. I maybe should have taken up that offer; as I’m writing this, I have sunburn in the shape of butterfly wings!! Then I got to the disability viewing platform to see the incredible Lewis Capaldi. I can’t recommend seeing him live more. He sang hit songs such as ‘Grace’, ‘Hold Me While You Wait’, ‘Bruises Before You Go’ and ‘Someone You Loved’. He also, for readers who may be a little older, did a cover of Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’ and ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’, which were mind blowing.

Sunday was made that much more special by being allowed on the platform as I got a view I wouldn’t have got otherwise and I can’t thank the staff enough for making sure I got up there.

All in all, I would say TRNSMT is incredible, but I would definitely make sure you are familiar with the disability facilities available to you beforehand as it would have caused a lot less stress for viewing acts on the main stage.

Thank you to Erin for sharing you experience of attending this year’s TRNSMT with us!

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Posted on the: July 13, 2022
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