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EyeCan!: Occupational therapy

Our EyeCan! self management programme is coordinated by Visibility Scotland’s very own occupational therapist, Heather.

Anyone joining the programme has an introductory phone call with Heather to discuss their visual impairment and any barriers and challenges they may be experiencing. Heather works with each participant to tailor their EyeCan! experience to meet their individual needs.

Throughout the sessions, Heather is on hand to offer advice on helpful aids and equipment and to teach participants strategies to help them overcome any challenges they are experiencing. Heather supports each participant to learn the skills needed to live as independently as possible with their visual impairment.

Heather explains the role of occupational therapy:

‘Occupational therapy provides support to people whose impairment prevents them from doing the activities that are meaningful to them.

We assess and identify your strengths and limitations in managing these activities, and educate and provide therapy to improve on your limitations.

We help you develop new strategies and practical solutions to maintain your involvement in these activities.

Occupational therapy can also offer advice on aids and adaptations required to maximise your independence.’

To find out more about EyeCan!, or to book your place, contact us on 0141 332 4632 or

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Posted on the: September 7, 2022
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