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Freedom and Joy Transformational Coaching in partnership with Visibility Scotland.


We are Freedom & Joy, aka Sharon and Aarti, two Transformational Coaches who have been working with Visibility Scotland for 12 months.

We look forward to meeting more people and helping you achieve your goals! Here’s a little bit about what we do.


What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational coaches provide a safe and reflective space where people share their thoughts, beliefs, feelings and goals.

Our role: we help to declutter minds through the facilitation of insightful questions. We establish the steps required to achieve objectives. Transformational Coaching enables people to identify personal or professional dreams through a framework that sets clear goals to increase confidence and success.

Coaching is so effective because coaches hold their clients accountable along the way.


How does it help?

Some of the positive benefits of coaching are that it can help to break down barriers, create healthier boundaries and build confidence. Coaches empower their clients to change their world view and identify and achieve their dreams.

Freedom and Joy, in partnership with Visibility Scotland, can offer group and one-to-one coaching free of charge to people living with sight loss in Scotland.

More information on the different options is listed below:


Group Coaching Programme

What is it?

A place to set and share goals and thoughts with your peers.

The coach facilitates the group and leverages the resources and knowledge of the group. The group will work on a common theme but will have individual performance goals e.g. employment.

The group coaches each other through the process, and it helps to encourage curiosity, fact-finding and sharing knowledge.


How will it work?

Freedom & Joy will facilitate anywhere from one to multiple group sessions with groups from three people upwards with a variety of tools and skills designed to get the most out of the group and help them to help each other and themselves. Sessions range from 1 – 3 hours and can be tailored to fit group needs. Group sessions are best held in person, where possible.


One to One Coaching programme?

What is it?

This a unique opportunity for you to feel heard. We encourage the client to think big, identify goals and cultivate the confidence to reach their potential, all while being supported and held accountable.  

Think of the sessions as a place to lay out all your thoughts and go through them, focussing on the things you want – not the noise.


How will it work? 

For each client, we would provide six sessions.  Each session is around an hour long. Sessions can be weekly or monthly, depending on requirements. The session can also be in person or virtual.

We’d look at goal identification, goal setting, breaking down barriers and general wellbeing coaching and anything else you might want to bring to the table. One-to-one sessions work well online as well as in person.

Please note: the coaching is available to over 18s only. 

We look forward to telling you more and helping you achieve your dreams – contact us at: or or call Visibility Scotland: 0141 332 4632

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Written by: Paul Hanlon

Posted on the: January 6, 2023
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