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National Pet Month

April is National Pet Month. We thought what better way to mark the occasion than by sharing some photos of our team’s furry friends?

First off, we have Mr Bolt. He is a five-year old German wirehaired Pointer Labrador cross. Bolt belongs to Laura Walker, our CEO.

black lanrador pointer cross dog stands on a gravel path in the countryside looking to his left

Image ID: Bolt standing on a gravel path in the countryside looking to his left.


Next, we have Kevin the cat. Kevin is an 11-year old British shorthair cat and belongs to Craig MacLagan, our community worker in Dumfries and Galloway.

Head shot of Kevin the cat

Image ID: close-up shot of Kevin the cat


Our next cute bundle of joy is called Darcy. She is a seven year-old Puggle and belongs to Robin Johnston, our administrator.

Darcy sitting and looking up at the camera. Darcy is sitting on a bed of leaves and grass

Image ID: Darcy sitting on leaves and looking up at the camera


This smiling face belongs to Cerys. She is a an almost three year-old Cockapoo and belongs to Jeni Queen, our Trainee Visual Rehabilitation Specialist

Cerys, a black Cockapoo, sitting on grass with her tongue hanging out.

Image ID: Cerys sits her tongue out. She looks like she’s smiling


Returning to our feline friends, we have Bella the cat. Bella is eight years old and belongs to Claire MacLaverty, our Access to Work support

Bella the cat's head peeking out from the duvet

Image ID: Bella’s head peeking out from on top of a duvet


Lastly, we have my dog. This is Honey. She is a one and half year-old ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

head shot of Honey looking up at the face of her favourite stuffed toy, Mr Bee

Image ID: Honey looking up at her favourite toy, Mr Bee.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our furry friends.

Image of Paul Hanlon
Written by: Paul Hanlon

Posted on the: April 4, 2023
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