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Thank you very much to The Glenearn Golf Club @ Gleneagles

Thank you very much to the Glenearn Golf Club @ Gleneagles for their charity donation of £1,000 to Visibility Scotland.

Captain, Alan nominated Visibility Scotland as their chosen charity of 2020.

‘As my own granddaughter is a registered blind person and has been since birth and now a 26 year old adult and have watched her traverse the difficulties of her impairment, it was an easy choice for me.’

We provide a number of vital services, including support for young people from babies to young adults, habilitating those who were born with sight impairment, rehabilitating those who weren’t, and many more. Visibility Scotland works tirelessly to support and listen to people with sight impairments, and your donation goes a long way to helping us to do that. 

Thank you Alan and the Glenearn Golf Club @ Gleneagles. We appreciate your support so much!

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Posted on the: January 27, 2021
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