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Welcome to our new Head of Operations!

We’re delighted to welcome Emma Scott to Visibility Scotland. Emma has joined us as our new Head of Operations. Read on to find out more about Emma and the fantastic skills and experience she brings with her to our team:

“I’m Emma and I’m delighted to have joined Visibility Scotland as the Head of Operations. I’ve been working for the last six years at Disability Equality Scotland, a national disabled person’s organisation. I was the Deputy CEO and my role there was very much about leading on projects that empower disabled people to live full and independent lives. I did lots of consultation and engagement with disabled people to ensure their lived experience fed into projects around accessible travel, inclusive communication and disability hate crime.

I’m also a Director with the Health and Social Care ALLIANCE, so I try to support the team there too. I’m really passionate about ensuring lived experience is at the heart of my work, and I’m excited to bring that to our work here at Visibility Scotland.

My background is in social research and I spent 15 years working in the private sector on research, monitoring and evaluation. I’m all about demonstrating the impact of my work.

On a personal level, I’m born and bred in Glasgow, although I lived for a number of years in London. I studied at Strathclyde University and have an undergraduate degree in geography and a masters in social research. I now live in Milngavie with my husband Gary, who is originally from Newcastle, so we spend lots of time visiting the ‘toon’.

I like to spend my free time reading. I’ve set myself a challenge this year to read a book a week, which is going to plan, so far! I can easily spend hours in a book shop. I’m also a stationery geek, music lover and general foodie.”

Welcome Emma!

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Posted on the: July 1, 2022
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