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World Storytelling Day

Today is World Storytelling Day. The picture above shows Aurora, age 4, using her tactile book to read. According to Aurora’s mum: “Aurora loves dogs and books about dogs. Her favourite book is ‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s dairy’ and she knows it by heart.”

Aurora is just one of the many children and young people we work with who have shared the books they love with us. We are celebrating the many ways that visually impaired children and young people can access and enjoy their favourite stories.

Reading to visually impaired children is so important. Listening to your voice telling stories can:

  • give them a feel for the sounds and rhythms of language
  • help them to develop their vocabulary
  • help them to understand concepts

And, best of all, reading stories is fun.

You can borrow books from:

or you can visit your local library.

There will be plenty of books to choose from there and you may find some Book Bug Sessions to join:

You can also have books customised to suit your child at:

And what better way to mark the day itself than by having 11 year-old Felicity tell you all about the book she’s currently reading and why she enjoys books and reading so much:



Hello. My name is Felicity Kelly and I really enjoy reading. I read braille and right now I’m reading a book called ‘The Primrose Railway Children’ and I’m really enjoying it, and I thoroughly recommend it.

It’s about a girl who goes to a cottage and she has loads of adventures. I also love listening to audiobooks and I’m listening to an audiobook right now called ‘The World’s Worst Pets’ by David Walliams and I love when my mum reads books to me as well.


Image of Paul Hanlon
Written by: Paul Hanlon

Posted on the: March 20, 2023
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