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You don't need sight
to have vision

Supporting People with Sight Loss

We help and support anyone, of any age, living with visual impairments across Scotland. Our aim is to help and support people living with a visual impairment to live independent and fulfilling lives.

A Venue For Everyone At Queen’s Crescent

Who We Are

Visibility Scotland supports over 4000 people a year. We listen, respond, and shape services to meet the needs of people with visual impairment.

Our Building

Visibility Scotland owns a four and two storey adjoined, corner position town house in the Woodlands area of Glasgow’s West End. Our large building has been underused for many years. Pre Covid we considered selling and moving to a purpose built premises. However, during the pandemic we have taken time to review the needs of our service users and the local community. During this time, we have developed a new vision.

Our Plan: ForSight

Visibility Scotland has an ambitious plan to transform our building in to a dual purpose energy efficient space, encompassing both a Centre of Excellence for Visual Impairment and a vibrant, accessible community space for local residents and organisations.

Our Vision – Project ForSight will provide:

  1. A digital education centre and shop: Dedicated to providing advice and ‘hands on’ equipment demonstrations to visually impaired people with an emphasis on employability skills training.
  2. A specialist accessible conference/board room: Providing dual sensory loss digital equipment that can be used and rented out locally for online conferences, filming and recording.
  3. A commercial community café: A social firm operated by visually impaired people and local volunteers. Only one in four visually impaired people are in employment. The skills learnt at the café and employment training programme will provide opportunities rarely available in mainstream organisations. The café will be multi-functional, providing an accessible venue space for events for the whole community.
  4. ForSight Centre of Excellence: This will become the backbone of our charitable free services, enabling forms of specialist therapy to be delivered to visually impaired people regardless of income or circumstances and free to healthcare providers.

We have recently appointed consultants to review the physical condition and potential of the building, the availability of grant funding for its development and refurbishment and feasibility of our project. We have also submitted a 1.3 million funding bid to The Scottish Government Regeneration Capital Fund.

At this present time, we are carrying out a £10,000 feasibility study, funded by The Architectural Heritage Fund.

We would love to hear what you think about our ambitious ideas. If you would like to share your thoughts on our plans for the building, please complete one of our surveys below. There are three options; a survey for local residents in the Woodlands and Woodside area, a survey for our service users (people living with a visual impairment in Glasgow and beyond) and a survey for professional stakeholders.

A Venue for Everyone at Queen’s Crescent: Local Community Survey (this survey is for residents of Woodlands and Woodside)

A Venue for Everyone at Queen’s Crescent: Service User Survey (this survey is for people living with a visual impairment in Glasgow and beyond)

A Venue for Everyone at Queen’s Crescent: Stakeholder Survey (this survey is for professional stakeholders)

If you have any questions, require assistance to complete the survey or would like to speak to a member of staff about the ForSight project please call 0141 332 4632 or email us.

At Visibility Scotland we know, you don’t need sight to have vision!

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Smiling faces of young people in a huddle
Two simling fundraisers preparaing for their abseiling

Thank you for helping us change lives – last year we worked with:

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2,238 people living with a visual impairment by providing a range of support services, project and initiatives.

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170 babies, children, young adults and families supported through our dedicated Children & Families Project

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100 volunteers kindly gave their time to support our work in a wide range of ways – from can collections and events to befriending and providing peer support

Our very own Jamie Bruce with one of our service users showing them to use a magnifier


Do you know about the wide range of aids and equipment that could help you with day to day tasks? Find out more about our Resource Room, come in and try aids and equipment or find out when we will be in your local area with tech. Find out what is exactly right for you!

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