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The Listening Ear

The Listening Ear

The Listening Ear project will support and advise people struggling with the impact of sight loss.

Why is The Listening Ear needed?

When someone’s vision has deteriorated significantly over a short time, or when sight loss has suddenly occurred, they will need extra emotional support and coaching to help them face day-to-day tasks. The trauma of living in the dark can initially feel devastating. This is where The Listening Ear comes in.


What help is available?

The Listening Ear provides support in a variety of ways:


Information Line

Our 9 to 4 pm information line will run form 9 AM to 4 PM to answer any questions relating to sight loss. Anyone needing longer-term support can be referred to our wellbeing call service.


Wellbeing support

Our Information Officer, who has lived experience of sight loss, provides one-to-one wellbeing support via a fortnightly or monthly telephone call.


Our Information Officer will coach those struggling with their sight loss to focus and build on what they can do rather than what they cannot.


Once people’s confidence has returned, they can be signposted to other services, such as technology support or long cane training, to continue their journey to independence.


Positive Outlook

Positive Outlook is a group for those new to sight loss. You can join the group by telephone call or Zoom. The group allows you to meet others and receive hints, tips and advice for living well with sight loss.


Webinars and newsletters

We know from experience that gathering with other visually impaired people and sharing experiences can provide perspective and encouragement.


People receiving support through The Listening Ear will be invited to participate in monthly skills-based webinars.


In addition, they can also receive our bi-annual Insight newsletter. The newsletter provides information on other Visibility Scotland services, as well as uplifting service user stories, hints and tips on living with sight loss, and much more.


Charged Up café

When people come to the end of their wellbeing calls we celebrate their journey offering an optional visit to our ‘Charged Up’ café based at our head office in Glasgow.


The café is based at our head office. Attendees can meet staff and chat with other visually impaired people while enjoying free, warm food and a hot drink.


Read more about the Charged Up cafe.


Contact The Listening Ear

The easiest way to contact The Listening Ear is to call us on 0141 332 4632

Alternatively, you can contact us by email.


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