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Children, Young People and their Families

Children, Young People and their Families

This project is in partnership with Sight Scotland, Children in Scotland, Freedom and Joy and Food Heroes. The Powell Trust funds our family advocacy work. You can find out more about our partner organisations through the links at the bottom of the page.


What the project offers

This project provides:

Support for under five years of age

  • Family wellbeing support
  • Counselling, coaching, and family support
  • Talking Tuesdays – a virtual drop-in session on Tuesday evenings between 8 and 8:45 PM
  • Messy play for pre-schoolers
  • Baby blether groups for pre-schoolers (this runs on the last Friday of every month at our 2 Queen’s Crescent, Glasgow headquarters)
  • Ask the expert – orthoptist for advice on movement, play and developmental milestones


Support for children and young people

  • Coaching young people, both in groups or one-to-one
  • Support with assistive technology


What you can expect from our support

Messy Play (pre-school)

Messy Play incorporates exploring food through play to build positive relationships with food for children and families while learning and having fun together. Food Heroes, two Specialist Dieticians, deliver the session. They will be ready to support you during the sessions with any queries you may have about diet and health for your child. Watch the video below to find out more about Messy Play.


Baby Blether (pre-school)

We understand the importance of connecting with like-minded people facing similar situations. Peer support can help positively break down barriers and isolation.  We aim to allow you space to meet other parents by running monthly “Baby Blether” sessions.  We encourage parents/ caregivers to accompany their child, who can play in a safe environment, allowing adults to chat with other parents/ caregivers.


Talking Tuesdays / Support Sessions for Parents

Led by a qualified counsellor and coach – Freedom and Joy – and a Visibility Scotland or Sight Scotland team member, this facilitated 45-minute virtual drop-in session offers a relaxed, safe, confidential space to meet, chat and provide a supportive network with other parents to share challenges and advice.


Food Classes for young people

Food Heroes deliver the practical cooking sessions. The main focus is to get young people and families cooking.


  • Increased awareness of healthy eating from a young age
  • Increased maths, reading and language skills
  • Learning and developing essential life skills
  • Supports physical wellbeing
  • Supports mental wellbeing by building intergenerational relationships
  • Increased attention span and focus


Coaching Opportunities             

The video below explains what coaching involves.


This service is not counselling; coaching is a conversation between the coach and the young person. The discussion will lead to setting and achieving goals, problem-solving, and successfully navigating difficult situations. A coach does not provide the answers; the coach believes that the young person already holds these, so they help the young person identify solutions through insightful and reflective questions in a fun, safe, non-judgmental space. This service also allows young people to come together and experience coaching in a group setting.


Employment Support

A series of workshops aimed at young people over 18 will provide tailored support to prepare CVs and discuss common themes and barriers to employment. However, the aim is to positively identify solutions and alternative approaches to navigate employment and source opportunities.  Freedom and Joy facilitate and lead the workshops.

Education and work-based Assistive Technology assessment and training are also available.


Dedicated support for you

Parent caregivers who take part in the pilot project also have access to a dedicated number.

You can use this number to:

  • leave a voicemail
  • give feedback
  • send a text

Please note: this number is only monitored during Monday to Friday office hours.

Tel: 07766 732 027


Partner organisations

You can find out more about the organisations partnering with Visibility Scotland to deliver this pilot project at the links below:

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